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Why is your USB 2.4 amp car charger so slow to charge it?


Aaron    2017-12-23 10:55:48

The importance of the mobile phone is self-evident, and the importance of the 2.4 amp car charger is becoming more and more important. Now more and more people have joined the ranks of the low head. For some severe patients, mobile phones are "the end of the world". And when you see the USB interface in your favorite car, you see God. But is it really that simple to charge on the car?


In real life, this port is almost useless. It provides about half the charging power of ordinary cell phone charger, which is far less than the power required by mobile phone. If you use a mobile phone navigation when driving, it will consume electricity faster.


Many people start complaining about using their own USB interface, because it's really slow to charge. Of course, USB interface with a slow charging not just Mazda. According to Ventev, a manufacturer of parts, most cars with their own USB interfaces have a problem of insufficient charging.


"The USB interface on the car seems to be a convenient function, but it often doesn't provide enough electricity to recharge your equipment when using it. On the contrary, they usually only slow down the depletion of your battery -- your phone will consume more power faster than the USB interface, which is written by Ventev, an accessory manufacturer, in a recent blog article.