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Do You Know The Disadvantages of Mixing Mobile Phone USB Wall Charger?


Aaron    2018-5-24 10:57:20

Now, smart phones, no matter how strong the performance is, the battery is still short board. So in order to take care of user experience, fast usb charger has become the field of competition among major manufacturers.


However, although many brands of charger support fast charging function, but it is found that many small partners are accustomed to mixing the usb charger. This is not a good habit and must be avoided. Let's talk about the disadvantages of mixing mobile phone usb wall charger.


Although fast charging is one of the slogans of mobile phones nowadays, not all mobile phones on the market are equipped with fast charging function. Many thousands of cheap machines or old machines do not support this. The principle of fast charging is simple understanding that high voltage, or high current, power up, charging quickly. But power and fever are also proportional.


Now the fast usb charger, as long as the big brand of the product, is to support the protection of overload, will adjust the voltage according to the specific situation, so if you use a large power charger to the small cell phone charging, the problem is not very big.


But if you use a low power usb charger to charge a mobile phone with a large current charge, then the charger will always be full of load, not only the slow charging speed, but also the charger will be hot, it may burn out the internal components for a long time, it is not worth it.