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Do you know the correct way to use smart USB charger?


Aaron    2018-4-23 9:38:07

In the almost hands-on smartphone, do you know the correct way to use the smart USB charger? What precautions do you usually use to charge your smartphone? Do you know it? Recently, the famous Business Insider website gives The answer, according to the website, is that smartphone battery performance has been poor since its battery life can barely be maintained for one day. However, there is also the user's own problem, because our method of charging the battery has always been wrong.


Do not continue to connect to the USB  charger after the battery is full

Battery University information shows that when the battery is full, continuing to plug in the phone on the usb charger is detrimental to the battery life, such as the user plug the phone into the usb charger all night.

Once the smartphone battery reaches 100%, in order to maintain 100% power, the phone will enter the "trickle charge" state. This will cause the battery to be in a "high voltage" state, which will deplete the chemical in the battery.

Battery University elaborated on the reasons why trickle charging affects battery life, and summarized that “after the battery is full, remove the battery from the charging device.” This is like relaxing muscles after high-intensity physical exercise. . If you continue to exercise for hours, people will definitely feel tired.


In fact, don't try to charge 100%

Business Insider stated that it should not be done at least when it is not necessary. According to Battery University, “Lithium-Ion batteries do not need to be fully charged, nor worth charging to full capacity. In fact, it is better to not charge full power because high voltages will stress the battery.” Causes the battery to wear.

It seems counterintuitive to plug a smartphone into a usb charger all day long, but charging the phone to a usb battery charger when possible is good for the battery.