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How To Choose The Right USB Charger?


Aaron    2018-4-19 11:05:20

Recently, the news that mobile phones cause accidents due to charging often occurs, mostly due to the use of inferior usb chargers. Therefore, for your own safety, how to correctly choose mobile phone usb charger?


USB Charger Input Voltage

At present, the usb chargers are basically wide input voltages, ie, 100-240V, 50-60Hz. Can be used in most countries in the world, the voltage is too high and low will not cause damage to the phone. However, the usb charger input voltage of some parallel mobile phones is only 110V. If this charger is used directly at home, either the charger is burned out or the phone is burned out.


USB Charger Output Voltage and Current

The initial mobile phone USB charger, the charging voltage is generally 5V 500mA, later in order to improve the charging efficiency, the current increased to 1A, and finally increased to 2A. At this time, due to the limitations of the USB interface and the data line, the current cannot be increased. Therefore, a method of increasing the voltage and decreasing the current is used to increase the charging power. For example, if the 5V 2A charging power is 10W and the 9V 1.67A charging power is up to 15W, it can be seen that the 9V charging power is higher.


If the data cable is a micro USB port, the current will not exceed 3A. If the data line is Type-C, the current may be more than 3A. If the output current is too small, the usb charger will be in a full load condition, causing severe heat generation and long charging times.