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How to choose a good handset usb wall charger?


Aaron    2018-5-22 10:05:27

To choose a better mobile usb wall charger with better quality, the following are some points for reference:

1.       You should read the instructions or product labels of mobile usb wall charger carefully. Generally speaking, there is a safety guarantee for the charger with the product certification mark. Therefore, we should try to buy products with product certification marks.

2.       Mobile usb wall charger generally combines two kinds of charging measures, one is to charge with a machine (charger is charged with a cell phone with a cell phone), and the other is to charge the battery through a charging seat. Before choosing, you should know the type, capacity and nominal voltage of the battery you use, so that you can choose the charger that matches it.

3.       At present, almost all batteries used in mobile phones are only one single cell, the nominal voltage is 3.6V, and the rated capacity is 500 ~ 1000mAh lithium ion battery. The charge current and charge voltage of the lithium ion electric core are very high. Excessive charging current or overcharging voltage will cause a huge change in the chemical reaction inside the core, which makes the internal temperature rise, resulting in the damage of the electrode, the diaphragm material or the explosion of the core expansion. Although the mobile phone batteries are equipped with overcharge, overdischarge and over current protection devices. But for safety and better charging effect, the most suitable mobile usb wall charger should be selected.