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Wireless Charger Is Too Low, PD Fast Charger Is The Best Choice


Aaron    2018-4-27 10:49:06

Almost everyone will have this feeling that the power of their mobile phone will never be enough. If one day, the mobile phone can be charged like a wireless WiFi connection and enter the house without connecting any device. The phone in the pocket can be charged automatically. This is a great experience. This kind of wireless charging technology must make people's lives more convenient and relieve people's cell phone power scares.


What is exciting is that wireless chargers have already been produced and are now widely used on mobile phones. What about his use? The results do not seem to be ideal, because wireless charging devices on the market today cannot be said to be truly "wireless charging".


The charging area of the wireless charging equipment on the market is too small and needs to be placed carefully to charge. The real rechargeable range has not yet had a large range of data lines. If you just fix it and charge it, it might even be better to charge it with a traditional charger. The root line, so we can play while playing, and use wireless charger, you can only put the phone quietly there. This is absolutely unacceptable for heavy mobile phone dependents.


This shows that the wireless charger is not much advantage in the convenience of charging, then the charging speed? We can take Apple's mobile phone for reference. The latest Apple 8 supports both wireless charging and PD fast charging, so we chose a wireless charger and a fast charger to perform the charging test. Apple’s official wireless charger power is only 7.5W, while the use of PD fast charger charger power is up to 15W, PD fast charger charging speed is nearly double the wireless charging