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Precautions When Using a USB Charger


Aaron    2018-4-4 9:35:22

1.  Keep the cell phone jack and usb charger clean                                                                              

If the socket is stained with more dust, it is easy to produce bad contact when charging. Although the indicator light is always on, it may also have a sudden power break, which causes the charge to be broken and continued. Therefore, ensuring the cleaning of cell phone jack and usb charger is very critical. If it is dirty, wipe it with alcohol or brush it lightly with brush.


2.  Keep a good habit of using the usb charger

When low battery is charged, it will be filled once more and then unloaded. That's the right way to use usb charger. Many people have compulsive psychology. When they see electricity, they will be charged. If something is undone, the mobile phone will go away. Charging and power consumption is a mutual process. Although the lithium battery has good function, it will also cause damage. Try not to charge it in such a way.