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The history of mobile phone charger, you have seen all these cell phone charger, it shows that you are old.


Aaron    2018-5-7 17:15:54

After the advent of Telegraph and telephone in modern times, a qualitative leap has taken place, and the emergence of modern mobile phones and the Internet has brought society into the era of information explosion. Even if the modern smart phone with quite perfect functions, it is still changing and replacing. These mobile phones are constantly innovating while mobile phone chargers are constantly upgrading. What changes have happened to mobile phone chargers?


The first thing to appear is the "brick cell phone" that we often see in the TV play. The charger of the brick phone is as heavy as the brick cell phone, and it is very inconvenient to carry.


Later appeared the "universal usb charger", universal usb charger compared to Big Brother has been a lot of light, single it must be removed to recharge the battery, and the battery removed more copper contacts will inevitably wear, so it will reduce the battery life .


Do you know any other chargers?