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This smart car charger is extremely fast charging and can help you escape in critical moments


Aaron    2018-3-27 16:56:20

This is a smart usb car charger. Its charging speed is 3 times faster than that of conventional chargers, and it is particularly safe to charge. And with the emergency escape function car fast charger using high-tech fast charging technology, originally 3 hours to fully charged mobile phone, now can be 1 hour!


When charging, the current and voltage are small, and the charging speed is slow; if it is large, it is easy to inflate the device. You don't need to worry about using a smart car charger. It can intelligently identify the device being charged and automatically adjust to the most appropriate current and voltage. In the event of an emergency that cannot be adjusted, such as sudden increase in current when the car starts, the charger will automatically shut off. After restarting temporarily, it will continue charging.


In addition to these, it also has emergency escape function!

The top of the charger is equipped with a superhard tungsten alloy head, with a telescopic top, special materials, special design so that it can easily break the window.


Did you think that it was not functional here? No, in addition to these, it also has emergency lighting features. It is equipped with an emergency lighting flashlight that can continuously illuminate for 3 hours.


Do you think that it is finally over?

No, our smart car charger also passed CE, ROSH, FCC certification, more advantages waiting for you to discover