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What are the misunderstandings and taboos when using the car USB interface and the car charger ?


Aaron    2018-3-21 9:53:35

Now the car has been equipped with USB functions, and it's really much more convenient. Even if not, many owners will use cigarette lighter interface to connect with car charger, but if it is not used properly, it will affect the battery and cell phone battery. Is that true? What are the misunderstandings and taboos when using the car USB and the car charger?


Not all USB interfaces are suitable for charging

In fact, most of the car USB interface limits the interface flow, which also led to the current interface is divided into 5V/0.5A and 5V/1A, this time if the wrong interface, not only easily lead to mobile phone easy to hot, the charging time is longer, the final will seriously affect the mobile phone battery life.


It's not a car that can be used directly.

The car charger is not really a new technology, but it's still flooded with a lot of small doorways. It is the first to take power mainly by lighter interface, voltage must be converted from 12V to 5V, however, the copycat car charge throughout the market, which is not only easy to cause a short circuit phenomenon, serious cases will lead to mobile phone or automobiles, therefore, to buy a car carrying the charger must be cautious repeatedly