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Where can I buy a high quality car charger? Where are the best car charger manufacturers?


Aaron    2017-12-8 10:11:27

Where can I buy a high quality car charger? For car owners, driving on the way is the emergence of mobile phone battery charger in an emergency, nature is essential, but don't go shopping all day travel in external get throught a thing carelessly, it's time to even longer than the original time travel charger, the quality must be solid and reliable. Today I will recommend a very reliable car charger - aluminum alloy double USB car charger.


What are the advantages of Aslan aluminum alloy double USB car charger? First of all, its shell is made of metal material. Most of the cars on the market are relatively cheap PC+ABS material. The metal shell is attracted by many processes such as polishing, electroplating and so on, and it also shows its taste in the car. Apart from the material, design Aslan Aluminum Alloy dual USB car charger indicator light is also very clever, very cool in the blue ring lights after power, so work design is relatively rare.

In charge of performance, Aslan Aluminum Alloy dual USB car charger is equipped with two USB, the maximum output current is 3.6A, a maximum output current of 2.4A, which can meet the demand of fast charging equipment, but also intelligent allocation of current equipment and the charge is very convenient, and the market of many car charger output current is maximum but 3A is not even super, intelligent allocation of current.


In terms of security, five security Aslan Aluminum Alloy dual USB car charger can be assured, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over temperature protection, anti electrostatic protection and anti surge protection allows it to deal with all kinds of complicated environment, do not use any risk in the process.

Aslan Electronics is a professional car charger manufacturer, in the charging industry has been 12 years of history, welcome to see the factory, welcomed the inquiry. More info, pls click: [email protected]