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Why does the car charger fail to be charged?


Aaron    2018-3-30 10:14:07

Now most people can't leave their phones, and when they are playing, they suddenly have no electricity. I think nothing is more disappointing than that.


It's more puzzling about the car charger, and some people say that it's not going to increase the amount of electric charge in the car. What's the matter?


Now most of the new cars have been equipped with the original USB interface, but the charging speed is basically the same as that of the USB interface on the computer. The speed of the tortoise is barely enough to fill the cell phone. If the power equipment like iPad and tablet is not enough.


Simply speaking, when choosing a car charger, a friend who needs fast charging needs to choose products with high output. For most mobile phones, 5V/2.1A is enough. If your mobile phone is still full, buy the charger that supports the quick charge directly.


The car charger seems to be an unremarkable thing, and there are a lot of places that we need to pay attention to. The choice of a suitable car charge can significantly improve the charging speed of the mobile phone, and it will not happen when the battery is charged.