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Why does the usb charger have a sound when charging ?


Aaron    2018-5-3 11:01:32

1, The sound that the phone emits when it is charging is the current sound. Regular mobile phone usb chargers produced by manufacturers usually do not have any sound when charging. If you're buying a genuine mobile phone charger, it's usually normal that the charger has its weak current when it is first used.


2, Mobile phone usb chargers made by regular manufacturers often use isolation transformers to ensure the safety of their use. Inferior cell phone chargers usually use capacitive voltage bucks. Once a capacitor is broken down, it will cause great harm to the mobile phone.


3, USB Chargers generally do not experience current sound until they are used for a period of time. This is usually due to some malfunctions in the filter, which results in AC components in the output current, which will have a certain impact on the charging control circuit of the mobile phone. Once the mobile phone charger has a current sound and the sound starts to increase, it is recommended to replace the charger.