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Why is your car charger not fast charging?


Aaron    2018-3-19 9:16:03

Recently, a friend said that the newly bought 2.1A car charger is very slow to charge. An hour can only be filled with one hundred and two! What is the reason for asking? Is it a diode problem or a problem? The reasons for the slow charging of the car car and the solutions are introduced.


It is possible for you to buy a fake. This is also to see how much output current car charger to your own, and with your digital devices battery capacity, battery capacity of digital devices now generally in accordance with the mainstream view, now everyone is love car charger using 2100MA, and the 500MA of the past have many people use car the charger 2100MA can not only provide mobile phone to take power, but also to the current digital products to take power, so it is recommended that you use the current Tim car car charger, charging is fast. Some people have tested a full IPHONE for only 45 minutes. There is not up to the output current, so the time to charge a mobile phone products such as Hu slow you can try to add the car that is intelligent car charger, car charger, power supply is relatively stable, he is according to your digital products, can automatically identify, and automatically adjust the current, stable and fast charging.