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Why is your phone charging slower?


Aaron    2018-3-15 9:52:48

Smart phones have developed rapidly, and the functions of the mobile phone are becoming more and more abundant. With the richness of the function, the mobile phone has become one of the necessary tools for each of us.

A lot of friends recently complained that the charging of the mobile phone is getting slower and slower, and the charging is very fast before, and it will take a long time to fill it. In fact, there are many reasons for the slow charge of the mobile phone. In the face of such problems, these ways can help you to solve it easily.


Shutdown charging:

When the phone is recharged, the cell phone is recharged while it consumes electricity, causing a slow charge. It is suggested that those who want to recharge quickly recharge in a shutdown mode.


It is forbidden to recharge the game in the game.

Many users like to play games while they are charging. This will do a lot of harm to cell phone batteries. If you want to keep the battery life of your cell phone, don't play games when you charge it.


Clean up the charging interface regularly:

Some people may disagree. The charging port is so small that it doesn't need to be cleaned. But for a long time, some dust will cause bad contact between the charging port and the data line, which will lead to slower charging speed, or even cause cell phone to not charge. So check the charging port regularly.