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The next generation of backup battery case breakthrough year, could it be 2014?


CoCo Nie    2014-2-17 13:51:38

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PPIcn on Jan 13th news
Could the year of 2014 be the generation of backup battery case breakthrough year? Some well know backup battery case interpreters will carry out the backup battery case technology commercialization, push out all kinds of backup battery case products, and bring down the cost of battery, to strengthen the electric power case storage technology. But the development speed in the backup battery case field not as fast as the mobile phone industry. The development of the backup battery case is not happened overnight, but there still will have a remarkable improvement.
At the beginning of 2014, there is a lot of good news in the backup battery case field. Before, we reported newly-established firm of Amprius of backup battery case technology, just won $ 30 million Series C round of investment. The advantage for their technological advantage lies in its ability of lithium backup battery case life, longer than the normal lithium backup battery case life of 25% in the market. Making use of this financing, Amprius for the mobile phones and other devices will carry forward its commercialization.
Aquion Energy and Ambri these two companies also have a great improvement in its grid electricity storage technology commercialization road. Aquion just add another $ 20 million investment, and Ambri predecessor Liquid Metal Backup battery casein the last year also has finance for $ 15 million. The investors in the two companies, both of them have a famous person: Bill Gates. Thanks to their advanced technology and the investors behind, both of which are expected to launch its backup battery case products in this year, and expand its factory scale. Eos Energy also in the planning of the launched products in this year, they are made ​​by zinc and air energy storage technology.
In the terms of backup battery case research, there are some highlights recently. Harvard researchers recently developed a kind of electrochemical flow backup battery case made of natural molecular, the electrolyte in liquid tank outside of the battery, compare to the laptop and the mobile phone backup battery case used in the package, the cost of it is lower, its application in terms of grid is the research emphasis at present.
From the grid to the electronic devices to electric cars, why is everyone so keen to promote the next generation of batteries? This is because the capacity of the backup battery case associated with the energy is one of the biggest technological breakthrough obstacles and choke points: including how to make better use of the wind and solar energy, how to make cell phone batteries be more powerful to become a true mobile computer, and how to make electric cars be more competitive in front of the traditional cars.
These breakthroughs possible happened only in the cost of backup battery case significantly reduce and electricity strong enough and durable. Of course, a breakthrough in backup battery case technology is not an overnight thing. In recent years, the rapid pace of development of mobile phones is too fast, so that many people take for granted that the pace of development in other fields should also follow. But that’s not really right, especially in the backup battery case field, the speed of cost reduction and technological breakthroughs are relatively slower. The development of the backup battery case does not follow Moore's Law, look forward to backup battery case capacity be doubles every 18 months is unrealistic.
Of course, this day will surely come. The only problem is that is there a chance in this year?
Keywords: backup battery case manufacturer, portable backup battery case factory, external backup battery case supplier