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Have you heard of MALA, the professor of battery charger case?


Coco nie    2014-3-3 14:06:56

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From a four-day meeting of Apple Macword asia which just come to an end, we find out that about 500 manufacturers of development and production from all over the world at the exhibition, there are all kinds of accessories around the iPhone development, by contrast, developers around the various parts with creative odd, in the exhibition of iPhone Macworld, Only you can not think, there is nothing you can not do, everything is possible, all of the iPhone accessories make you surprise and make you feel its reasonable at the same time. What is more, undoubtedly relatively formal industry is external mobile power bank, during the industry of mobile phone industry, MALA safe mobile phone power bank bring us a special battery charger case for iPhone in this exhibition.
It is because of the iPhone's non-replaceable battery charger case and a thin speaker phone has become its deficiency. On the showcase of MALA mobile phone power bank, we can see the battery charger case specially designed for iPhone. It seems an unromantic design, actually it has its surprised functions and features, looking from the appearance, MALA power case seems as a ordinary protection shell, if you are not deep study in electronic digital product, you may not know it still a battery charger case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, on the design of product, MALA mobile power bank keeps on the design elements of fashion, simple and creative and so on for iPhone items all the time, and in today this time, the world pursuing fashion and individuation, following the trend of the Times, pioneering the development of multi function and diversified iPhone around and accessories products. In the meantime, they insisted on the requirements of fashion, safe, quality and profession for this brand. To make more and more iPhone fans enjoy the technology bring an unlimited change and delight light.
The item of MALA power case, its built-in battery capacity reached up to 1700mAh, it can help your iPhone cells add about 700 hours standby time, in addition, capacity for 1700mAh battery charger case adapted a highest and new generation safe lithium polymer electric core and modern MCU protection charging system. Reliable quality, extremely high safety, and it only cost you about 5 hours to full charge your mobile phone. The appearance of MALA power case is bright, clean and pure, it adapt the design of piano paint. While your iPhone battery is died, only need to plug your phone connector into MALA power case. It is prefect to match your iPhone cells. While charging to extend the time, at the meantime, it also can protect your mobile phone better. It is a perfect thing. Wherever you go, you can realize charging, play the games and make a call at the same time. MALA mobile power bank actually solve the problem of battery safety for iPhone cells. Besides, MALA power case had already obtained the certification of iPhone MFI for the first safety “back to back” battery charger case. From the speaking of safety, it more suitable to iPhone hardware standard, in the exhibition, real obtained the iPhone MFI brand certification products are not so many, it is also make the MALA mobile power bank become the initial safety brand mobile power bank. In order to appreciate the consumer’s support, the manufacturer specially released few different kinds of color items for their choice. It completely meet the iPhone fans’ requirements.
Key words: Battery charger case manufacturer, battery charger for iPhone 5 factory, battery charging for iPhone case.