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Do you want flash disk charger to build up your own electrical library?


CoCo Nie    2014-2-14 15:21:38

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With the development of computer and electronic device, any book can be made into electronic text, and you can copy the text on the Internet. This spread way may has already been a kind of new culture and thought, it would replace the traditional way of culture spreading, which has extended one thousand year with paper medium.
It is reported, Seattle Post-Intelligencer had already shut down in 2009, which in the United States has been one hundred year. Before and after, a total of hundreds of newspapers had already shut down in the United States, leading lots of workers in newspaper industry to lose their jobs and switch to another job. The main reason is the developing electronic news, including the development of network news and television news. Bill Gates predicted, by 2020, the global newspaper will disappear.
Flash disk chargercan collect lots of books
People in the field of science and technology and education, how to recognize, greet and grasp this trend? Many countries around the world have established a national science and technology Library for people to enjoy a free download, but we have not yet enjoyed. Not to mention that as a manager of science and technology in education, as for on how to build electronic media systems, and how to build a relatively large electronic Library, how to do dielectric newspapers on the construction of electronic science museums, science and education etc. such big problems should be considered early. We, as individuals, to establish an electronic library, to making "e-books", it should be said to have been mentioned in front of the reality of each person.
A collector said, “I’m always like the book, after working, I often buy books and the books on the shelves increase rapid, and later had to increase the shelf, but the space in the room become smaller. My wife often warms me not buy so many books, because the room is crowded. I thought if we can make the book miniaturization and expand it when we read, that would be pretty good. Just in the early 1980s, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology carried out the world’s leading multimedia research.”  
From the 1990s, He collected a variety of formats electronic books. So far twenty years, the book accumulated more than twenty million copies. Its scale closes to a certain size of a library. In order to collect books on the internet, more than a decade, my computer has been open for twenty-four hours to download data. For saving space, He gives out the original paper books to his students and friends. However, you only need a few flash disk chargers that can store the electronic books. It is a little inconvenient to read books on your computer, because the computer is not easy to move. Just after the invention of electronic paper in 2008, the electronic book browser has done a little, the size is same to a book, and it with a large capacity. When they go out, as long as taking it, just seems to thousands of books are carried. It is very convenient.
Some one often asked me, you collect so many books, could you see it through? In fact, since ancient times, the collectors collect the books not for reading it one by one, just for consulting. When you meet a problem, and need to consult, it is more convenient if you have these books.
Collecting electronic books from the network, generally speaking, the document of copyright expired on the contrary easy to collect, it is not easier for the recent document, unless there is some one needs this document and would like to exchange. Of course, you can spend money in buying it from the network, but that data should be very important to you.
Key words: flash disk charger manufacturer, iPhone charger factory, mobile phone charger manufacturer