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How to use iPhone mobile battery case in a right way?


    2014-2-19 21:24:42

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As we all know, the design of iPhone battery can not be replaced, because its battery design is different from other styles mobile phone, iPhone battery in a compact design, and extend the consistent style of iPod, so we should pay more attention to the using and maintenance of iPhone mobile battery case in the process of our daily life use.
First of all, please note below few attention line when you are using the battery:
1.      You would better to make your battery be discharging as soon as possible, after then charge it.
2.      You would better to not frequent plug the USB port.
3.      Maintain your battery at regular intervals.
Besides, it is the problem of battery charging, there are two kinds of charging ways, connect to the computer and direct plug the power source.
In fact, there are big differences between these two charging ways. Plug the power source can charge fast, if the USB port connects to the computer, then the charging speed is slower.
Actually, connecting to the computer is just the same as trickle charging, so after we use the mobile phone charger direct charging back in a while, you should make your USB port connect with the computer trickle charging one time(you would better charge it once a month). The benefit from such action is the same as activating the battery once time.
You may have a try, in the use of direct charging or not full power rechargeable causing the iPhone mobile battery case standby time decreased, after fully discharged and then connected with computer by USB port. This battery is a certain extent to restore vitality. 


The standby time of iPhone battery is pretty good, few calls, no watching movies, it is about 4 days to standby.
There are many users usually open the mobile phone when charging the battery, it is actually a heavy damage to mobile phone using life. Because in the process of charging, the circuit board of mobile phone will get hot, if there is a call from others at this time, it may produce instant return current, and damage the inner parts of the mobile phone.
Battery life depends on the repeated charge and discharge times, so we should try to avoid charging the phone while there is enough power, it will shorten the battery life. If the phone is turned off for more than 7 days, the first thing is making the mobile phone battery fully discharged, and charged it with adequate electricity and then use.
The battery will automatically discharge the remaining capacity by about 1% each day. When you charge the phone, try to use a dedicated outlet, do not make your mobile phone charger share household electrical appliances socket such as TV socket.
Do not be exposed you iPhone mobile in a high temperatures or cold conditions, like in July and August, do not put the phone exposure in the sun or take it into air-conditioned room and such place of air-conditioning blowing straight. When charging, the battery with a little heat is normal, but can not make it directly in the high temperature environment. To avoid this situation, it is best to charge in a suitable temperature, and do not cover anything on the phone.
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