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How to make the mobile phone power case be more durable?


CoCo Nie    2014-2-12 20:24:14

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Since the smart phones come out, many kinds of functions are more and more multi and different, many different digital products were very popular in the market, but with the fast development of technology, smart phone now with digital product function, then the digital products are declining and even destroying. However, whatever strong the smart mobile phone is, there still have a fatal weakness can not meet you, that is the battery not enough for you, the using time is limit. There had a joke ever spread in the folk, said the men who use smart phone are good men, because they have to go home to charge their mobile phone every day, may be this a joke, but it actually proves the mobile phone only can charge one day and use one day. It is a pity, until now, the power case technology still breakthrough the revolutionary, then on this indication of new power case material turn up before, how can we make our mobile phone power case be more durable?
Good charge manner is very important
After several generations of technology innovation, at present most of mobile phone power cases have been already evolved lithium ion polymer batteries. Compared to traditional Ni-MH battery, Lithium ion polymer batteries not only can be lighter, but because of its high density, good stability, there has been already with no memory effect. That is to say we do not need to worry about the problem of overcharged while we charge for this kind of battery, it is also not necessary to wait the battery completely die and then charge for it, whenever you use, whenever can you charge for your mobile phone. But even so, it not means we do not need to form a good habit of charging. Actually, to make our battery to be more durable to use, some good habits also need us to insist on.
First of all, the charging environment is a problem, to avoid security risk, you would better to charge your mobile phone in the place without sunshine, so that can not lead to the battery happen to incident because of high temperature when charge it, on the other side of choosing the charging products, we still strongly recommended to use the original charger, even if choose the third charger, the standard of output current should better bring into correspondence with original charger, in this way can protect the charging circuit in an even better fashion, besides, while charging the mobile phone, you would better to avoid using your mobile phone, because both of charging mobile phone and use your phone to make a call at the same time also on charging and discharging condition, to some extent, it would speed up the wastage of the battery, and if your mobile phone power case can not tear down, if you do not use the mobile phone for a long time, you also should better to charge your battery at fixed period to activate the battery inside of active material, so also can extend the battery using life as soon as possible.
Device software optimization can save more electricity
Except to form a good habit on charging, if you want your mobile phone batteries are more durable in your daily life, it is necessary to optimize your software. Generally speaking, the mobile phone screen consume lots of power, so when you use your mobile phone in daily life, you would better to open then mobile phone lux Auto brightness.
Key words: mobile phone power case  factory, backup external charger case factory, iPhone charging case manufacturer