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What is the universal dock charger in the United States?


CoCo Nie    2014-2-21 20:45:04

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[REVIEW] Speaking of universal dock charger, everywhere we can buy five in one and ten in one multi function charger, however, it is also a universal dock charger, Americans apparently do not recognize this charger, they think this charger with no aesthetic design, recently, on creative solutions platform, Kickstarter appeared in Public.
The charger made in a base design, the complex wiring are hidden to the internal, it can charge for most brands of mobile phones and tablet computers, the dock inner contains six USB interfaces which can supply current of 2400mA, can charge for up to six device at the same time.
In addition to reliable charging function, the appearance design of All-Dock design is also very important for developers, the appearance is not only black and white color are available, but also provides a wooden base, the size of large, medium and small size also can be the three options.
Small universal charge helps a driver out as a matter of extreme urgency.
The more detailed in service ,the more touching for people, on February 18th, the universal dock charger on Gerin Yongsan high speed tool station which offered to passers-by, this just help a nonlocal driver on the solution of the urgent needs to.
On February 18th 15 am, in the high speed Lan Shan toll station square, a car driver holding his mobile phone to and fro pacing footsteps with the face of helpless.
At the moment, the squadron leader, Weng Libin was cleaning the square and found the car driver, he thought the driver must had encountered some difficulties.
After the squadron leader asked, in formed of that the driver surnamed is Feng, from Hebei, he is a businessman, and he was waiting for an important customer at the toll station.
However, on account of busy telephone services, when Mr. Fung arrived to Yongsan toll station, he found the mobile phone battery died.
"Do not worry about it, our convenient service box with a universal dock charger, it can help you charging your phone and solve the problem." Weng Libin is very enthusiastic and leading Fung to the tool station, and poured the hot water for him.
After a while, Mr. Fung successfully contacted his customer, Mr. Fung was very happy, and he said, "your attentive service had solved my immediate need, I am very grateful to you.
Universal charger plays a important role in our daily life, All-Dock is currently on Kickstarter has raised over twenty thousand U.S. dollars, the developer also provides a detailed idea of ​​manufacturing and production schedules, they plan to raise forty thousand U.S. dollars before February next year and create the finished product and began to sell in May .
Let us wait and see this universal charger, can it attract the word?
Key words: Universal dock charger manufacturer, base dock charger factory, dock station supplier