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Development Trend of Wireless Car Charger


Aaron    2017-7-9 19:30:00

In the recent Shanghai auto show can see an interesting trend, that is, China OEM is trying to study in the car for mobile devices wireless charging. Some Chinese OEMs are trying to get ahead of new competition in mobile wireless charging, including the introduction of mobile wireless chargers into cars.


Emgrand EC8 is a flagship model Geely, in the bottom of the control panel has a mobile wireless charging system. According to Geely introduced, wireless charging ready to put into mass production, but has not yet determined the launch time.

Changan Motor also exhibited a future car sample, with several advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) features, but also in the rear seat armrest for mobile devices in the wireless charging system. According to Changan Automobile staff, this wireless charging standard called "Qi", was developed by the Wireless Charging Union (WPC), since August 2010, has been in Beijing as an industry standard to be promoted. Many Chinese companies have launched their own Qi wireless charging standard products, Chinese OEM seems eager to put the technology to market.


The biggest factor driving the car's wireless charging is the attitude of the consumer electronics industry to the technology. The ultimate goal is to integrate the rechargeable chip into the smartphone or the battery itself to ensure compatibility while avoiding the use of the shell to bring additional costs.


IHS believes that through cooperation with the consumer electronics industry and the use of common Qi standard, the Chinese OEM may actually be faster than the foreign industry to introduce the technology into the car. However, if the results of their efforts in this area deviate from expectations, these OEMs may find it difficult to obtain a return on investment.


As the in-vehicle mobile connectivity and ease of operation are becoming a hot topic for OEMs, it is a good idea for the driver to put mobile devices on a nearby charging board for wireless charging. But whether this idea can bring benefits to the OEM, remains to be seen


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