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The use of car charger six errors


Aaron    2017-7-5 15:05:10

No.1   Car charger outputcurrent can not be greater than the maximum rated input power of the phone

The correct is the charging current "can be big not besmall", for example, an output 5v / 2.1 car charger, to a maximum ratedinput power of 5V / 1A mobile phone charging, that car charger to the phoneinput is 1A, To the Tablet PC input is 2A, can be in a shorter period of timefull of electricity; But if it is an output current of 5V / 0.8A car charger tothe same phone charge, the input is 0.8A, not only slow, but also serious hot,long time will damage the phone battery.  So choose a full output of high-quality high-current car charger, toextend the life of the phone is necessary. General mobile phones, including iPhone, the current required is 1A(Part of the phone is 2A), Tablet PC is generally 2A, then select the more USBinterface car charger to meet these standards.

NO.2  There is a USB interfaceon the car, there is no need to use car charger

There are many cars are comes with USB interface, and may also bemore than one mouth, most people think that the car's USB interface to thephone or any other device charging no problem. In fact, this idea is wrong, because most of the car's USB interface isset for the audio data transmission, so part of the vehicle interface currentis far from 5V / 1A, in front of everyone explained the charging current"can be big not be small"reason, if you use the car's USB interfaceto the phone or even the tablet computer charge, if the current is not up tothe equipment will damage.  In addition,Andrews or iPad charge will be charged for equipment identification, each cardesign is not the same.

NO.3  The more USB interface,the slower the charging speed

Current depends on the voltage, does not depend on the number of USBinterface, because the current is already divided, and do not interfere witheach other, if it will be slower than a single USB interface, then who willbuy?  Manufacturers design a number ofUSB port, mainly to facilitate the owners at the same time so that a variety ofelectronic products charge.

But there are some on the market, the low current car charger knownas the high current output of the manufacturers, because the greater thecurrent output, the higher the requirements of materials and productionprocesses, unscrupulous businesses in order to save money what is really doneCome out and buy it is really bad luck. But at least still early to find thegood, like we do not have this professional test instrument owners, can only beobserved to buy back the car charger, if the same time to the phone and tabletcomputer when charging, and slow and very serious , That is, the current doesnot meet the standard, it is best to quickly replaced for the wonderful

NO.4  After the car is turnedoff the car charger must be unplugged, or will make the battery loss of power

This statement will be seen in many places, in fact, most of thecar's cigarette lighter is already ACC rather than electricity, that is, thecar can be turned off the power, it is safe approach. Even if the stalluninterrupted models, in general, car charger in the case of no load is nocurrent output, so do not pull out, and only a small LED lights at work, theloss of battery power can be ignored.

NO.5  Car charger must beturned off after power failure, or easy to short circuit

For many car charger, this is indeed a probabilistic problem, whichtest the impact of car charger, and not all of the car need to plug the powerafter the plug and then plug.

        NO.6  Do not payattention to the maximum power of the expansion port

Many of the small tools on the car to use the cigarette lighter totake electricity, so many people will buy a drag two or even a drag threecigarette lighter expansion of the car charger, but the same product often seesomeone say that easy to use, Some people say that the fuse burned, which maybe the equipment beyond the expansion of the maximum power.In particular, car refrigerator, car vacuum cleaner this power must first seeclearly, the power is how much to see their car charger expansion can not use,generally in the box or the instructions will be marked.

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