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Car chargers need to choose high-quality products


Aaron    2017-7-17 15:42:19

Reliable brand quality is guaranteed, the use of rest assured that the truth do not have to say that the truth. Although the price is generally cheaper than the poor car charger, but if the cheap, the quality of a problem, it is certainly no complaints. In addition, in order to avoid scrambling to charge and "fight", it is best to choose at least two USB interface car charger.

How to use the car charger

1, the car head straight into the bottom of the cigarette lighter, through the standard USB interface output DC. PS: As the cigarette lighter has two pieces of spring to fix the cigarette butts, so when the car charger into the cigarette lighter should be inserted from the track next to the spring, and can not be inserted against the spring, otherwise the cigarette lighter and car Filling into damage.

2, check the voltage, current and other electronic design parameters in full compliance with product specifications.

3, connected to the USB data cable for mobile phones, tablet PCs and other digital equipment charging. PS: in the connection before the equipment, pay attention to the car charger output current, some car does not support the Tablet PC charging current.


As the car provides a low voltage, so the car charger only need to have overload protection circuit inside. Car charger socket front-end design has a fuse, when the power exceeds the overload protection circuit can withstand the range, the fuse immediately fuse, play a protective role. Note: You must be charged after the car engine is started. On the car phone charger, please note the following:

1, do not use the car charger in a humid environment, and do not store in a humid environment.

2, the use of the appropriate temperature of 0 ~ 45 ℃.

3, away from children.

4, to avoid contact with metal, to prevent short circuit.

5, complete the charge after the timely pull out the charger.

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