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What information do you need to know about the car charger As a car charger dealer ?


Aaron    2017-7-9 18:49:43

On the choice of car charger, your customers need to correctly understand the several concepts.


1, chip recognition capabilities, for mobile phones after 2015, a variety of mobile phones for commercial promotion, each using their own black technology charging technology, they are not recognized between each other, not the same, resulting in the charger each other Can not be used, if the charger chip can not identify the phone, or the phone can not identify the charger chip, the charging mode extreme situation will appear in the charge current speed change or because the protocol does not recognize the protocol repeatedly switch dead loop. This phenomenon either led to a long rush, or lead to mobile phone battery aging.


2, the line fill capacity, for the car charger without line, the greater the output current, the loss of the voltage on the charging line will be higher, and finally the end of the line to reach the phone jack voltage and current has been lost, There is charging charge to 95%, the phone will not go into life and death, such a charging mode, more prone to undercharge the battery, the battery can not be fully activated, over time lead to your cell phone battery power dropped significantly, decreased activity, The shorter.

3, the charger output voltage and limit output capacity, for different mobile phones, for the current advanced mobile phone needs 5V3A charge, or some mobile phones need 12V2A charge, you choose the car charger maybe only 12V, 1A output Ability, although the agreement at the moment correct, the charger line also have, but the limit output capacity of less than mobile phone demand, this time there will be mobile phone cable to ask for a signal, resulting in the charger to fight the old life out, Charger limit output mode rather than the charger's rated output mode, everlasting there will be overheating charger, charger aging and other adverse phenomena, extreme mode will lead to charger breakdown, deflagration and other adverse conditions.

Of course, in addition to the virtual standard carrying capacity, the excessive load will also cause "car charger" surface and the internal temperature of the rapid increase, the maximum up to 100 degrees Celsius! At the same time due to substandard products often do not use the standard flame retardant materials, encountered this high temperature, very easy to cause spontaneous combustion!


4, the charger shell needs flame retardant, but also with emergency cut off the insurance, in the short circuit or abnormal direct power, to avoid further trigger the car battery short circuit and damage.


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