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Can the car wireless charger become the next market darling?


Aaron    2017-7-8 15:55:25

Can the car wireless charger become the next market darling?

According to IHS, wireless sensor charging for mobile devices has become a trend in the market for several years. With this new technology, you do not have to plug your phone into a cigarette lighter, a 12V charger, or a USB port, allowing the user to charge the electronic equipment wirelessly.

But many vendors are trying to provide a solution, and in most cases the systems are not interoperable. However, now all this may be changing.


General Motors invests in Powermat

In January, General Motors (CM) and Powermat announced a $ 5 million investment plan from GM GM Ventures, a general-purpose subsidiary. This investment could allow Powermat's sensor to charge the fastest in mid-2012 into many future Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac and other models.

Powermat's technology allows smartphones such as smartphones, MP3 players and game consoles to be charged without plugging; Powermat has started selling wireless chargers for personal use. In most cases, when charging a smartphone, a shell with a small receiver must be attached to the phone. The receiver allows the phone to communicate with the power mat, charging the battery by sensing, without wires.

Although GM said in a statement that the Chevrolet Volt will be one of the first vehicles to use the above technology, but the bulk of the car is likely to give the car charging method to bring a real revolution.


Volkswagen and Audi take action

Audi at the 2010 SEMA show had a wireless charging idea, and Qualcomm and Peiker demonstrated a product that can wirelessly charge for smart phones, PDAs and other devices. Audi will sell this wireless charging solution as an attachment.

At the same time, at Volkswagen's Electronic Research Laboratory in Silicon Valley, the United States is working on a car-based console that allows wireless charging of smartphones, similar to the market-oriented power mat for the above market. This project, in cooperation with Qualcomm, is said to use magnetic near-field resonance to drive back-seat entertainment or ambient lighting systems. Which makes Audi six months ago to show the concept of distance from the production and some of the recent.


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